July 15-18, 2017


Vanuatu Convention Centre Port Vila, Vanuatu


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13Professional Speakers

PSRH Draft Program 24 June

Message from the Vanuatu Minister of Health

Hon. Minister Jerome Ludvaune

On behalf of the government and people of Vanuatu, my sincere gratitude to the PSRH Board for bringing the 11th biennial Conference of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health to Vanuatu.

I would like to welcome all country delegates and Pacific leaders in the area of reproductive health to Vanuatu. We have much work to do to improve the reproductive health in the region and your discussions, deliberations and recommendations will no doubt assist governments in the region including Vanuatu. I believe you will have the chance to review and strengthen clinical practices to improve the health of women and their families.

The Vanuatu government has been working hard to address the health needs of our people and we place importance in maternal and child health. We have made some improvements in the last decade, but there’s still more to work for. We still have to invest more in health to strengthen health systems, infrastructure and workforce.  We depend on donor collaboration and cooperation support us in major health projects. I also depend on my staff and advisors to push the health agenda forwards.

Our National Health Service works closely with NGOs, churches, communities and villages. Their engagement has significantly aided the delivery of many health programmes to reach people closer to homes. I note that the theme of your conference is “catalysts for accelerating progress.”  We are all catalysts for change and improvement.  Catalysts bring about innovation and change to gain better results – which we want to see resulting in improved health and socio-economic well being of our people.

Congratulations once again for your conference and I commend you for the preparations made to allow such a big meeting to take places.

Vanuatu offers you its hospitality and friendliness. The places are all safe to walk around and I encourage you to explore some of the natural beauty of our shores when you have time to step out of the conference centre. I hope you will see and experience the beauty and the hospitality of our Islands.

Message from the President of PSRH

Kathy Gapirongo

Halo Ologeta, Kia Ora, Malo e lelei, Taloha Ni, Fakalofa lahi atu, Talofa lave, Kia Orana, Nisam Bula Vinaka, Namiste, Warm Pacific greetings.

On behalf of the Executive Board of PSRH, it is with pleasure and honor that we invite you to Port Vila for the 11th Workshops and Conference of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health (PSRH), to be held from the 13-18th July 2017 at the Vanuatu National Conference Centre.
The PSRH is a Society with a membership of health professionals – Clinical O&G specialists, doctors, nurses, midwives, public health specialists, managers, researchers and so forth. The members are widely dispersed across the Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, and are actively engaged in the various areas of reproductive health with the common goal of improving maternal and newborn health.

The PSRH offers opportunities for learning, sharing experiences and networking to disseminate knowledge and skills and promote collaboration on important reproductive health issues that affect the health of women in the Pacific.
The theme of the conference is Reproductive Health and the Sustainable Development Goals – catalysts for accelerating progress. This theme underscores the importance of understanding the wide range of the social determinants and the many factors that affect health, especially reproductive health. We need to open our eyes and ears wide when we are presented with a clinical condition in women’s health. Often times, there are complex issues to be addressed beyond what we see as presenting symptoms….they are just the tip of the iceberg.
In this meeting, we hope to unpack some of the practices we do routinely and ask ourselves, do our current practices bring out the best outcomes for mothers and newborns? The small islands of the Pacific are part of a global village which is undergoing rapid technological change and we want to be abreast with these changes, lest we are left behind. Therefore, innovation and change are essential. But in order for innovations to be effective, we need to assess current practices and determine if they are effective.
PSRH is most grateful to the Government of Vanuatu for hosting this meeting. We also thank the local organizing committee for such amazing preparations. For our sponsors, donors and supporters, we are very appreciative of your contribution to this meeting. PSRH is pleased to see all country delegates from our neighbouring shores, and wishing you all a very productive conference.

Pre-Conference Workshops /

Three Days of Workshops

13-15 July 2017

Port Vila Hospital

The 2017 PSRH conference programme is made up of two parts:

Part 1 comprises a number of pre-conference workshops that run parallel during Thu to Sat, 13-15th July.

Part 2 refers to the main 3-day conference which officially opens on 15th July and continues to 18th July.

  • Preconference workshops: 13-15 July (Thursday to Saturday)
  • Welcome ceremony: Saturday  15th July pm. Iririki Island
  • Main Conference: 16-18 July (Sunday to Tuesday)


13-15th July 2017, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Six workshops are planned to be conducted during 13-15th July. The workshops are run concurrently from the 13th and some may run for 2 days whereas others may run until the 15th. All workshops conclude an hur before the launch of the conference on the 15th.

The details are tabled below. Participants to the conference who wish to attend any of these workshops must sign up accordingly on a first-come-first-serve basis. Preference is given to health workers from Vanuatu followed by those from the other Pacific countries. Please contact the PSRH Secretariat to process your request.

Title of WorkshopLead Facilitator and co-facilitatorsMax number of participantsVenue
(Vila Central Hospital
Ultrasound scanBronwyn Andrew, Renuka Bhatt, sonographers12Vila Central Hospital
Quality Improvement & ResearchAlec Ekeroma, Caroline Homer, Nicola Hawley, Kara Okesene-Gafa20Ministry of Health
Pacific Emergency Maternal & Neonatal training – PEMNeT (incl Early Essential Newborn Care, EENC)ames Fong, Tim Draycott, Martin Sowter, Jessica Yaipupu (EENC)2020 Vila Central Hospital
Family Planning – clinical skills updatesPushpa Nusair, Moape Bavou, Glen Mola20Vila Central Hospital
ColposcopyJeffrey Tan, Annabelle Farnsworth 15Vila Central Hospital
Basic Surgical Skills and Perineal Repair/OASIS workshopsJackie Smalldridge, Mairi Wallace, Judith Goh and Hannah Krause20Vila Central Hospital

A summary of each of the above workshop will be included in the programme booklet highlighting essential information including:

  • Objectives of the workshop
  • Key topics to be covered
  • Preferred number of participants
  • Names of facilitators

The registration fee of NZ$20 per day covers a small part of the costs of running the workshop.

Some workshops will run for one day only and some for three days
There will be a certificate of attendance or competence issued at satisfactory completion.


3 Days Debate & Discussions

16-18 July 2017

Vanuatu Convention Centre

SATURDAY – 15th July 2017

Registration and Opening Ceremony                                           Venue:                   National Convention Centre

09:00 – 14:00M

Conference Registration: The registration room will be opened from 9.00am to allow participants ample time to register and to meet up with friends and colleagues. Please note that some of the workshops will continue the afternoon of Sat 15th July.

Official Opening Ceremony

MC: Errolyn Tungu, Representative of local organizing committee


Participants are seated


Arrival of Chief Guest: His Excellency, the President of Vanuatu, Fr Baldwin Lonsdale


Dedication Prayer: Reverend Alan Nafuki, Presbyterian Church


Welcome Speech – Kathleen Gapirongo, President of PSRH


ntroduction of Chief Guest – George Taleo, Director General of Health


Keynote Address by the President of Vanuatu:

“The SDGs – an opportunity for strengthening health and development in Pacific island countries”


The Brian Spurret Oration:

Integrated approach to delivering effective Reproductive Health care in Pacific settings Glen Mola, former PSRH President


Vote of Thanks – Aliote Galuvakadua


Group Photo


Cocktail Party – hosted by the Government of Vanuatu Venue: TBC, Port Vila


DAY 1 – SUNDAY 16th July

Venue:  National Convention Centre       Chair:     Alec Ekeroma / George Taleo


Sunday dedication service – Rev. Alan Nafuki


“Investing in Women’s Health – Vanuatu’s Experience” Keynote Speaker: Minister of Health, Hon. Jerome Ludvaune


Health and Development: Presentation by Development Partners

Ireen Manuel, Programme Manager Regional Pacific Development, Activity Manager New Zealand Medical Treatment Scheme, Counties Manukau Health

Lara Andrews, Development Coorperation, Australian High Commission, Port Moresby

Berlin Kafoa, Pacific Regional Clinical Services Workforce Improvement Program (PRCSWIP)





10:30 – 12:30

Leadership in maternal and reproductive health – a catalyst for accelerating progress in the Pacific


Political leadership – a catalyst for accelerating progress Dr John Ah Ching


Working with Leaders in Maternal and Neonatal Health

Alana Killen, CEO, Royal Aust and NZ College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, RANZCOG


Nurturing emerging leaders in maternity care – the role of Midwifery

Judith McCara-Couper, Head of Midwifery School, University of Auckland


Pacific Midwifery Leadership program – experience from an awardee

Kathy Gapirongo & Carmel Walker


Discussions – facilitated by Chair




PANEL 2:  Pacific Workforce Developmentcurrent situation    Chair:  Dr William May / Kara Okesene-Gafa


State of the Midwifery Workforce in the Pacific

Caroline Homer, Professor of Midwifery, University of Technology, Sydney


Mapping the Pacific O&G Specialist Workforce

Alec Ekeroma, Director Women’s Health, Development and Research

Pacific Workforce Development – current programs


Vanuatu Midwifery Training Programme

Renata Buleban


Solomon Islands Midwifery Society

Kathy Gapirongo

Fiji Midwifery Society

Aliote Galuvakadua


PNG Midwifery Society

Jennifer Pyakalyia


PNG’s O&G Training program

Jennifer Pyakalyia


Fiji’s O&G Training program

William May and Pushpa Nusair






PARALLEL SESSION 1:  There are 2 Groups of parallel sessions. Participants select which group they wish to join.


Group 1:  Maternal Health – keys issues to address and make improvements

Chairs:     Aliote Galuvakadua / Apisai Tokon

Panelists will speak for 10mins on the following topics followed by discussions

15:40-15:50Essential Antenatal Care – are we providing quality care? Samoan Midwife
15:50-16:00 The unbooked mother – do we manage her differently? Solomon Is Midwife
16:00-16:10A retrospective study of Births Before Arrival (BBA) in Fiji: Aliote Galuvakadua
16:10-16:30Discussions – open forum


Group 2:  Diabetes in Pregnancy

Chairs:     Amanda Noovao-Hill / Tony Harry

Panelists will speak for 20 mins each on the following topics followed by discussions.

15:40-16:00 Clinical management of Diabetes in Pregnancy – William Hague
16:00-16:20 A study of diabetic women in South Auckland – Kara Okesene-Gafa


Plenary session – Groups return to main meeting room

16:30-17:00 The impact of maternal trauma on bonding Sara Weeks

DAY 2:  MONDAY 17th July                                                     Venue:  National Convention Centre


Debate with the Experts

How to avoid obstetric sphincter injuries Judith Goh


Gynaecological diagnosis and management at the primary care levelGlen Mola

PANEL 3:         Gender-based Violence (GBV) in the Pacific and its impact on women’s health and family well-being

                                    Chairs:   Rufina Latu and Swaran Naidu


GBV in Vanuatu – magnitude of the problem and national responses

Merelyn Tahi, Director Vanuatu Women’s Centre


A study of GBV among Health Providers in Port Moresby

Lara Andrews, Development Cooperation, Australian high Commission, Port Moresby


The spectrum of domestic violence in professional ranks – what can we do about it?
Falahola Fuka


Health sector Response to GBV – PNG experience.

Jessica Yaipupu, Technical Officer, WHO/PNG






PANEL 4:  Family planning – its role in maternal-neonatal health

                                    Chairs:   Pushpa Nusair and Kiribati Midwife 


Reaching rural women with family planning services Swaran Naidu


Vasectomy in Solomon Islands – reaching urban and rural areas jack Siwanao


Community-based family planning services – reaching remote populations Wendy Stein


Post-partum and community Implant programsGlen Mola






Establishing a Maternal Death Review System – keeping it functional and effective Rajat Gyaneshwar

1400–1515      PARALLEL SESSION 2  – Free Communication sessoins

Group 1:   Quality of Care in maternal-newborn health

                  Chair:     Jennifer Pyakalyia / John Ah Ching


14:00-14:15 TBC
14:30-14:45 TBC
14:45-15:00 TBC

Group 2:   Research and Innovations to strengthen maternal-newborn care

                                    Chair:     Gunzee Gawin / Tapa Fidow


Cervical screening in Kiribati Ioanna Beiatau


A review of research projects by Master Students in O/G at UPNG Medical School Hilda Tanimia


A review of research projects by Master Students in O/G at Fiji National University Pushpa Nusair






Group 3:   Supporting Good Practices in Maternity Care

                  Chair:     Dr Baranika Temariti/ Ma’ake Tupou  



Scope of Practice for Practising Midwives Aliote Galuvakadua











PSRH Biennial General Meeting, BGM (separate agenda)


Business meeting of PSRH


Cultural Night – Convention Centre Prepared by Local Organising Committee, Team Vanuatu

DAY 3:    TUESDAY 18th July                                                   Venue:  National Convention Centre

07:30-08:30 Debate with the Experts

Case presentation of near-misses and maternal deaths by Vanuatu Clinicians.

Rajat Gyaneshwar, Caroline Homer, Add names of clinical midwives from Samoa/Fiji/PNG, Glen Mola


                                    Chair:  Amanda Noovao-Hill / Ma’ake Tupou



Cervical cancer – Pacific data from a multi country survey and treatment in Small Island Development States (SIDS) – a systematic review Sandeep Naik and Alec Ekeroma


Cancer of Cervix – PNG situation. Mary Bagita-Vangana


Cervical Cancer – Case Presentation Tony Harry and Vanuatu Team



PANEL 6: Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment – practical and affordable options for the Pacific

                                    Chair:     Tony Harry / Moape Bavou

1030-1050           Cervical Cancer Screening in Fiji – lessons learned

James Fong


1050-1110           Cervical Cancer Prevention in Australia – sharing experiences useful for Pacific settings



1110-1130           Introduction of HPV Vaccination in PNG

Glen Mola & PNG Team


1130-1150           HPV screening and HPV Vaccination in Vanuatu

Apisai Tokon and Margaret McAdam


1150-1210           HPV Vaccination as part of routine vaccination program, Fiji experience

Fiji Team


1210-1230           Discussions


1230-1330           LUNCH BREAK

1330-1400           Plenary session:

Customer-focused care – ethics and professionalism in the workplace

                                    Rajat Gyaneshwar


1400-1530       PARALLEL SESSION 3:   Strengthening the O&G and Midwifery Societies in the Pacific


Group 1:   Midwifery Societies

Chair:     Kathy Gapirong / Caroline Homer

Speakers:  Presidents of Midwifery Societies from PNG, Fiji, Solomon Islands
1400-1420           TBC


1420-1440           TBC


1440-1500           TBC



Group 2:   Obstetrics & Gynaecology  Societies

                                    Chair:     Tapa Fidow  / Rufina Latu


Speakers:  Presidents of O & G Societies in PNG and Fiji


1400-1420           TBC


1420-1440           TBC


1440-1500           TBC



Group 3:  Health workers capacity to provide essential maternity care

 Chair:    TBC


1400-1420           Midwifery Training in PNG – the past, present and future – where do we go from here?                                            Paula Puawe


1420-1440           Upskilling Program for Community Health Workers (CHW) in Emergency Maternal and Newborn Care at Mount Hagen Provincial Hospital, PNG.

Jolly Kulimbua


1440-1500           TBC


1500-1530           AFTERNOON TEA


1530-1600       Plenary session:  Report Back from Groups 1, 2 and 3 of Parallel Session 3 above


  • Chairs of the Midwifery Society Session
  • Chairs of the O&G Society Session
  • Chairs of Group 3


1600-1630           Summary:  Catalysts for Accelerating Progress

Agreement for PSRH key action areas for next biennium.


1630                        Official Closing of the 2017 PSRH Biennial Conference.

Closing remarks by PSRH President

Speakers / Speakers Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe

Dr Rajat Gyaneshwar

Prof Caroline Homer

Dr Rufina Latu

Salausa Dr John Ah Ching

Prof Tim Draycott

Prof Judith Goh

A/Prof Swaran Naidu

Prof Glen Mola

A/Prof Nicola Hawley

Event Price list / perfect price for event

Conference Registration

Conference Registration fees are:

Nonpacific based doctors/specialists                NZ$995

Nonpacific based midwives/nurses                   NZ$595

Pacific-based sponsored/international agencies    NZ$595

Pacific based doctors/specialists                         NZ$395 

Pacific based midwives /nurses                           NZ$190

Registration fees include a conference bag, conference programme, opening event and cocktail party.

Workshop Participants

Other fees:

Cultural night                                                          NZ$20 (Pacific-based participants)

Workshop participants                                  NZ$20 per day

For overseas people (Opening is free )

Welcome ceremony    NZ$50

Cultural Night     NZ$80

Conference Sponsors /

Event Location

Vanuatu Convention Centre

Port Vila, Vanuatu

 Tel: +64 21 2767975

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